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"Indian Folk Arts is an art gallery and has a huge collection of Indian traditional artifacts and paintings. The website consists of different categories of arts and paintings related to the traditionalindian art which are Maduhubani, Warli etc."


Shikha Badal (Visual Art)

The artist - Lives in Bangalore, IT Hub of India. She is married to an IT professional, having a lovely kid. She is well-educated, hard-working, affectionate, humble and very submissive. She pays attention to detailing.

Her style - The work produced by her radiates a sense of beauty, warmth and graciousness. She also plans to hold frequent exhibitions which illuminate and reinforce its own collections, not only to offer art works of contrasting styles but also acquaint people with the latest works of art and upcoming trends in living art today.

The art created by her cover a variety of themes including nature, people, religion and contemporary art form. She has a good sense of color and is comfortable drawing human figures.

Indian Folk Arts is trying to connect 'people to people' and 'people to indian folk arts' and also establish the co-existence of these folkarts among various facets of art forms along with a development communications organization - Madhyam which believes that change is necessary and possible at every societal level and that both alternative and mainstream media are powerful tools to achieve this.

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Indian Folk Arts

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