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Kala - The Art Institute

"Kala as an Institute of culture has been started to rejuvenate and formulate the diverse Indian Cultural practices and promate them.


Kala as an institute of culture has been started to rejuvenate and formulate the diverse Indian cultural practices and promote them. Kala is emerging as an institute of culture that focuses its activities in the field of visual arts such as Paintings, Glass Paintings, Ceramics and other arts allied to the field of fine arts. Leonardo de Vinci quoted that 'Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world'. 'Vita vrevis ars longa' is a Latin phrase means 'Life is short, art is long'.

Indian paintings can be traced back to 200 B.C. a period when artists were producing work of lyrical beauty, naturalism and grace. With the arrival of British, traditional forms of painting were entangled with more western subjects and styles. Early this century saw a revival of interest in work that is contemporary yet very Indian in essence.

For those art lovers, here welcomes 'Kala' in Bangalore, to join their programmes/courses. These programmes/courses will enrich your knowledge in the field of visual arts and you can bring life to your creations or creative ideas. Enrolling to various programmes/courses is simple. Just take few minutes of yours and fill the form below. Currently, these programmes/courses are available in Bangalore Only

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